MonCon / ShoreCon Conventions

If anyone cares, CSG (which stood for "Circle of Stupid Gamers" in our private counsuls) is defunct. Our last show, MonCon 2003, did poorly, prompting us to sell the ShoreCon name to Gamer's Realm to save our ass. ShoreCon then went on to do just as poorly, which caused a major change in the operation of Gamer's Realm, and a hopelessly muddled paper trail that points half at us (CSG - who just staffed it) and at Gamer's Realm, who reaped what profits there were to be had and then proceeded to vigorously point fingers.  Now we're selling our equipment & leftover supplies on eBay.

Since we got stuck being named in the contract with the hotel, some of us are running "Southern Exposure", a lame duck convention that will hopefully help defray the costs associated with the next two years worth of hotel obligations.

As for me, it was a good run, but I think I prefer attending cons to running them. Though I'll miss the free rooms & food.